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Common Queries and Questions

Common Queries and Questions

OPN defines a presenter (a.k.a. Touring and Presenting) as an individual or organization that facilitates exchanges between artists and audiences through creative, educational, and performance opportunities. The work that these artists perform is produced outside of the presenting organization. Presenters book/contract artists to perform for a determined audience, and assume all or part of the financial risk involved in presenting the artist’s work (i.e., artist’s fee, promotion costs, venue costs, etc.).
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OPN members include representatives of numerous organizations and venues, large and small, urban and rural, but limits its membership to nonprofit presenters, such as 501(c)(3) arts organizations, educational institutions and civic groups.

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These typically fall under one of three categories: presenters affiliated with a college, university, or other educational institution, with performances usually taking place on campus; 501(c)(3) arts organizations that administer a performance venue (e.g., theater or concert hall), usually presenting performances only in that space; and 501c3 arts organizations outside any specific venue, usually renting venues for performances.
OPN is currently supported by annual membership dues.
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